Sequoia IT specializes in intelligent vibration measurement and monitoring solutions. Sequoia sensors, which are mainly based on MEMS technology, are well known for their secure integration capacity, which include the components for the digitalization of onboard signals, processing and storage.

Sequoia sensors are a unique system that not only measures vibrations, but also processes their measurement readings in accordance with the specific needs of the application in question. In addition, digitalization greatly simplifies the task of integrating sensors (a) into complex computerized control and monitoring systems; and (b) with various digital-communication protocols – thus bypassing the need for dedicated memory cards.

The various Sequoia products are used in a wide range of applications, including machine-tool vibration monitoring, vibration measurement in industrial settings for preventive maintenance, and vibration monitoring in civil-engineering.

Moreover, Sequoia’s highly qualified staff has the necessary expertise to meet all customer requirements by developing customized solutions for them.