The “Airbag” for Machine Tools

The advanced interface adds to the “Black Box” features of the basic interface the relays output that can be directly connected to the machine PLC to protect machine against:

  • Collisions
    They are the major cause of spindle failures, even if not catastrophic.
  • Process Overloads
    They could damage the machine as well as reduce the quality of the machined parts.
Failure causes on motor spindles

Configuration Example on Machine Tool

With the advanced interface up to 3 relay alarms can be sent to PLC. One of the alarms is linked to collision events while the other two are linked to RMS vibration velocity thresholds exceeded during working process.
Digital input is available to activate the system only during working process.

The configuration and retrieving of registered data in sensor memory is done through USB connection via PC with dedicated software.

SeTAC can memorize up to 12.000 events categorized in terms of type, value and events time. The Black Box functionality, therefore, is maintained.

A standard M12-8 poles extension cable is used to connect the sensor to the interface.

Technical Specifications


Full scale ±18g
Bandwidth 0÷2500 Hz
Resolution 0,00075g
Dimension 30×55,5×15 mm
Weight 55g
Supply Voltage 18-36 VDC
Protection grade IP67
Shock Resistance 10.000 g
Temperature Range 0÷70°C


Communication USB
Output 3 Fast (< 1ms) relays
Input One digital input


SeTAC is usually sold as a Kit (Sensor + Interface). Anyway, it is possible to purchase both items separately. Connection cables are standard M12.