GEA Sensor

Thanks to their aluminum construction and IP68 protection class connectors for Lemo cables, GEA sensors are highly stable and can be used in extremely hostile environments without the need for additional protection. On the inside, apart from MEMS sensors, which guarantee outstanding shock and collision resistance, are analog 24 bit SigmaDelta converters that guarantee a broad dynamic range. Digital signal transmission eliminates electromagnetic disturbances, while the device’s uniquely long broadcast range (up to 1 km with dedicated HubSync) makes GEA sensors ideal and convenient for monitoring large scale structures such as bridges and levees. The basic version comes with a carrying case, monitoring accessories, connection cable, and a traceable calibration certificate.


Frequency response

Technical Specifications
Sensor: Triaxial, MEMS
Converter A/D: 24 bit SigmaDelta
Sampling: 1024 Hz
Minimum level: 0.05 mm/s
Dynamics: 100 dB
Frequency Response 0.8-100 Hz (315 Hz)
Grade of Protection: IP67
Dimension: D: 117 mm x H: 35 mm
Weight: 600 g
Shock Resistance: 5000 g