FT analyzer software supports a wide range of vibration analyses (which can be conducted simultaneously) for the assessment, understanding, and analysis of relevant vibration phenomena. The measurement readings can be readily exported to Excel, for reporting or analysis purposes:

Time Signal Analysis

Time signal analysis enables you to clearly interpret vibration events, particularly those of a temporary nature.

RMS Evaluation

When calculated in accordance with ISO 10816, RMS values for vibration make it possible to have the severity of a vibration phenomenon promptly evaluated. The measurement readings can be compared side by side with fixed standard limits, for each type of machine. The triaxial nature of the sensors helps to drastically reduce measurement time in all cases (e.g. for bearings) requiring radial and axial measurements relative to a rotational axis.

FFT Analysis

Frequency analysis provides detailed insight into vibration phenomena and enables you to diagnose the most common problems such as imbalance, misalignment, and gear and/or bearing problems.

Bump Test

This technique, which involves “exciting a structure” with suitable impulse signals, provides insight into natural frequencies and enables you to make damping estimates.


It is also possible to record raw data during measurements for post-processing analysis or subsequent investigations, or for other analyses using software such as Excel or Matlab.

FT analyzer software (which contains the beta version of Explorer 3D) is a simple but powerful solution that allows you to define a simple database for your machinery, the analyses that are to be carried out most frequently, acceptability limits, and maintenance alerts. This user friendly software does not require special expertise, owing to its plain instructions in graphics and text, and it is an optimal tool for setting up simple preventive-maintenance programs.