Sensor GEA II

Developed on the basic of the GEA I, has been designed in order to improve overall perfomance. Based on hibrid MEMS-PIEZO technology it shows excellence noise perfomance, high dynamic range thanks to the SigmaDelta 24 Bit integrated AD converter and given the integrated amplifier the possibility to be used in optimized way depending on the tyep of signal attended. Built-in into an extremelly robust anodized alluminium case it can be used in the worst environmental condition, even submerged thanks to the IP68 protection grade


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Caratteristiche tecniche
Sensoristica: Triassiale, MEMS-Piezo
Convertitore A/D: 24 bit SigmaDelta
Campionamento: 1024 Hz
minimum measured level: 0.0005 mm/s
Dynamic range: 120 dB
Frequency range 0.8-100 Hz (315 Hz)
Protection grade: IP68
Dimensions: D: 117 mm x H: 35 mm
Weight: 600 g
Shock resistance: 3000 g