Digital vibration data integrated in Machine CNC

The communication interface with the Modbus TCP protocol enhances the basic “Black Box” application of the SeTAC.
At machine level, the direct integration with CNC allows increasing the control over working process with the possibility to use real time vibration data.
The possibility to modify the threshold limits from the CNC makes it possible to optimize the system for any specific working process.
The remote access to the internal memory increases the possibility to establish advanced maintenance plans as well as the possibility to monitor the system remotely.

Configuration Example on Machine Tool

The communication interface allows bidirectional data exchange between the sensor and the machine CNC.

The following data are available:

  • Tri-axial module of acceleration
  • Tri-axial module of velocity
  • Single Axis acceleration
  • Digital Alarms

Furthermore the memory content of the SeTAC , up to 12.000 events categorized in term of type, value and event time, can be downloaded, on request , directly by CNC or through PC USB connection. The “Black Box” functionality, therefore, is maintained.

Threshold limits can be direct configured by CNC in order to adapt them to specific working process.

Technical Specifications


Full scale ±18g
Bandwidth 0÷2500 Hz
Resolution 0,00075g
Dimension 30×55,5×15 mm
Weight 55g
Supply Voltage 18-36 VDC
Protection grade IP67
Shock Resistance 10.000 g
Temperature Range 0÷70°C


Communication USB / Modbus TCP


SeTAC is usually sold as a Kit (Sensor + Interface). Anyway, it is possible to purchase both items separately. Connection cables are standard M12.
Third parties gateways to different fieldbus available on request.