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Increased functionality of post processing capabilities as Third Octave Analsis on recorded data and improved measurement files export procedure

Construction Site Vibration Monitoring

Activities such as vibration monitoring for shipbuilding operations are mission critical when it comes to guaranteeing the structural integrity of buildings, and the comfort of their occupants. Our GEA system provides a straightforward and user-friendly solution for complex monitoring scenarios.

Vibration Analysis on Machine Tool

Measuring and monitoring vibrations is crucial for elements such as avoiding shocks, process improvement, work-outcome quality, eliminating imbalances, and optimization of scheduled maintenance.

GEA Portable

Practical and easy to use, our portable multi-sensor monitoring box is the ideal solution for the installation of complete multi-sensor monitoring systems.

SeTAC is an intelligent digital sensor with onboard memory and processing capacity. Thanks to its highly versatile interface, SeTAC can be incorporated into an extremely broad range of digital controllers.

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This innovative system for vibration monitoring in the civil-engineering sector is suitable for on-site investigations concerning the installation of complex and permanent monitoring systems.

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GEA Sensor

This innovative system for vibration monitoring in the civil-engineering sector is suitable for on-site investigations concerning the installation of complex and permanent monitoring systems.

Vibrations & Collision
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We are particularly focused on the Machine Tool market where, thanks to the SeTAC MT line, we can provide a wide variety of solutions for vibration monitoring during machining process in order to optimize machine performance and improve quality of worked pieces. Further, we provide the best in class system for spindle collision detection to protect your machine against expensive breakout. The FastTracer line, together with the Balancer application, is a perfect instrument for diagnostic vibration related problems and correct in simple way spindle and grinders unbalance. The available WiFi option provides the perfect way to install the sensor on the machine and avoid complicate cable deployment.

DIAGNOSTICVibration Analysis is a widely established method used for predictive maintenance and diagnostic of machine problems such as unbablance, misalignment, mechanical loosenesss, bearings and gear defects. FastTracer is a simple and cost-effective instrument that can be used in several areas related to vibrations monitoring & diagnostics.

windSeTAC in the W2T version is also widely used into the wind energy industry. Thanks to the capacity of reading low frequency vibrations it is used to control wind tower instability. For low-to-medium power windturbines it can be used as an autonomus system that controls the operations of wind turbines, while, thanks to the capacity to trasmit digital data in different protocols, could be easily integrated into more complex avanced DCS/CMS systems



Construction works can induce potential dangerous vibrations both to the structure being built such as in tunnelling application and/or in the neighborhood building. Vibrations should be monitored and verified that are below the defined limits. GEA, in conformity to several international standards such as DIN 4150 Part 3, is a perfect system to accomplish this kind of monitoring.

trainTraffic induced vibrations can cause problems not just to buildings structure but also disturbance to their inhabitants. Vibrations measured in accordance to standards such as ISO2631 should not exceed defined limits. GEA usable as simple handheld instrument or as medium to long term monitoring system, is ideal to perfom vibration assessments related to human comfort.

HistoricalHeritage buildings, museums and other sensitive strtuctures can be damaged by vibrations induced by seismic activity. GEA system can be used as seismic protection system. Further, thanks to the possibility of perfoming Operational Modal Analysis acquisition, it can be used to establish the dynamic behaviour of the structures in order to define maintenance interventions.

bridgeLarge structures such as Bridges, High Rise buildings, Dams are subject to extensive dynamic load due to both antropic activity such as traffic or natural phenomena such as seismic, wind or flow activity. GEA, thanks to the capacity of using extremely long (1 km) low cost cables is the perfect solution to deploy permanent vibrations monitoring system to be used as the basis for Structural Health Monitoring solution.