Imbalance in spindles and tools such as grinding wheels is one of the main causes of excessive vibration in machine tools.
Vibration control aimed at reducing imbalance is very important when it comes to achieving optimized machining-process quality and avoiding excessive wear and tear on machine tool components.
The Sequoia IT Balancer application is an optimal rotor balancing solution.

Simple Balancing Procedure

Sequoia IT Balancer software guides the user, with a few simple instructions, through the phases necessary to carry out the balancing process.

Immediate Installation

The system, which is composed of an extremely robust digital triaxial sensor based on MEMS technology and a computer with pre-installed balancing software, is quite easy to install, in that no setup or accessories such as tachometric sensors or stroboscopic lamps, are necessary. In addition, wireless communication allows users to work inside the machine in complete safety, and without complex wiring toward the outside.

Integrated Report Function

On completion of the balancing procedure, a report is automatically generated indicating the balancing level that has been added.

Balancing Methods

The software implements the balancing method in one go, and immediately provides a guide to balancing for the following:

  • Spindles (with balancing bores)
  • Grinding wheels (with balancing mass)
  • Rotary tables (with balancing mass or bores)