Vibration Severity Chart

Basic Vibrations Analysis

Typically, vibrations can be measured in quantities such as acceleration, vibration velocity or displacement. Basics signals analysis are normally performed on vibrations signals such as RMS, Peak or Peak to Peak. Tipicaly the RMS of Vibration Velocity is the most common overall indicator used, since it is directly correlated with the stress the machine undergoes during its operation. This RMS value is then compared with the characteristic values typical for the type of machinery. The table below shows the values suggested by ISO 10816 Part 3, that cover the majority of industrial machines:

ISO 10816-3: Vibration Severity Chart
Support Type: Rigid Elastic Rigid Elastic
Power class: 15 KW – 300 KW 300 KW – 50 MW
RMS Vibration Velocity Level
45 mm/s
28 mm/s
18 mm/s
11 mm/s
7 mm/s
4,5 mm/s
2,8 mm/s
1,8 mm/s
1,1 mm/s
0,7 mm/s
0,45 mm/s
0,28 mm/s
Not satisfactory
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